Do more with less’s UCC/SAN Certificate is essential for use with various Microsoft Exchange services.

The UCC/SAN Certificate can provide security for up to 2,000 unique domains with a single certificate. Anyone with multiple domains on a shared IP address will benefit from the versatility of the UCC.

Secure an unlimited amount of subdomains by using Wildcard domains along with the UCC in the form of subject alternative name (SAN) entries.

Why choose UCC/SAN SSL?

$125,000 USD Insurance Guarantee
Results in Higher Sales Conversion
Secure up to 2,000 Domains and/or subdomains
99% Browser Compatibility
Unlimited Server Licenses
Unlimited Reissuances and Key Pairs
Works on MS Exchange or OWA
Activates SSL Secure Site Seal
2048+ Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption
Improves Search Engine Ranking
30 Day Unconditional Refund
Full Compatibility With All Versions of SSL and TLS
Courtesy Carryover Coverage Adds Up To 90 Days

The UCC/SAN SSL Certificate is a “binder certificate” that allows you to combine multiple Basic SSL and Wildcard SSL Certificates into a SUPER CERTIFICATE that can secure up to 2000 Subject Alternative Name entries. This must-have certificate for enterprise customers will save you time and money as you provide encrypted protection for all of your business and e-commerce needs.

What does a UCC/SAN SSL certificate look like?

Increase customer confidence with a free Site Seal

The presence of the Site Seal will help indicate to visitors that a website is secure and trusted. Increase visitor to customer conversion and retention.

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 15 reviews
by Aaron albright on multi domain UCC/SAN SSL


by Gustav Olmet on multi domain UCC/SAN SSL
multi wildcards

put many wildcards on single ssl certificate, success!

by Koudric P on multi domain UCC/SAN SSL
san tls is very cheap but verstile

since I only have 1 ip address, I was able put 2 wildcard domains into a single tls certificate and it works better than I thought.

by Trent Foster on multi domain UCC/SAN SSL
just works

Didn't need any hassle, and didn't get any with this ssl. The reviews all talk about excellent support but i didn't have to use it. Good to know though!

by Wayne Everly on multi domain UCC/SAN SSL
Perfect For Exchange Server

We run Exchange 2010 and the SAN SSL was recommended by the support guys. We got the certificate with 6 domains issued in under 10 minutes. Great support:-)

works as wildcard san too!

I was surprised I could put several wildcard domains into a single ssl with this UCC ssl but it worked! support was spot on and always available, thanks guys!

by Roman Diaz on multi domain UCC/SAN SSL
Slam Dunk SSL for Multiple Domains

Popped in a few domains into a single ssl (tls) cert and BAM! works on our single ip address AWS server on first pass

by Ingrid Sorenson on multi domain UCC/SAN SSL
12 wildcards in 1 ssl

I don't know of any other provider that allows mulitple wildcard sans in a single ssl, but this product worked for us. It wasn't cheap but the support came in handy when deploying onto our reverse proxy behind a load balancer

by Jenkins F on multi domain UCC/SAN SSL
great ssl for multiple domains

we use the multiple domain ssl on several of our websites and also on our Exchange 2003 server since they offer unlimited server installations

by Kyle Brighton on multi domain UCC/SAN SSL
amazon only 1 ip address

I host several websites on aws but Amazon gives me only a single ip address so the multi domain ssl is the only option

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