Obtain the green address bar for the highest level of trust.

SSL.com’s EV UCC/SAN Certificate provides the highest level of validation for multiple domains. Each organization is thoroughly vetted to ensure authenticity beyond the standard domain validation methods.

Our Extended Validation Unified Communications Certificate (EV UCC) provides versatile security, enables multiple green address bars, and displays any verified information for up to 2,000 unique domains.

The EV process helps boost customer trust while providing versatility, credibility, as well as differentiation from competitors.

Why choose EV UCC/SAN SSL?

Highest Trust Available
Multi-domain Green Address Bar
Results in higher sales conversion
Business Class Validation & Encryption
Secure up to 2,000 Domains and/or subdomains
99% Browser Compatibility
Unlimited Server Licenses
Unlimited Reissuances and Key Pairs
Works on MS Exchange or OWA
Activates SSL Secure Site Seal
2048+ Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption
Improves Search Engine Ranking
30 Day Unconditional Refund
Full Compatibility With All Versions of SSL and TLS
Courtesy Carryover Coverage Adds Up To 90 Days

The EV UCC from SSL.com is the best way to take control of your website security and show the World Wide Web that you mean BUSINESS!

What does a EV UCC/SAN SSL certificate look like?

Increase customer confidence with a free Site Seal

The presence of the SSL.com Site Seal will help indicate to visitors that a website is secure and trusted. Increase visitor to customer conversion and retention.

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 11 reviews
by Martin Leclerc on EV UCC SSL

Security trust is the key

by herbalextractsupplier.com on EV UCC SSL

Just got the Certificate, and used it for one day. The green address bar helped me get more customers than before.

by zura on EV UCC SSL

by Mike Ong on EV UCC SSL
Fabulous Team

There is no substitute for the green address bar that the EV SSL/TLS provides. After a walk through we got our ssl same day.

by Isabel Chan on EV UCC SSL
Got the green bar!

The EV takes a day to get but it is worth it to have the green address bar on your website.FYI there is no wildcard allowed for EV that is an industrywide restriction.

by Gan Rusek on EV UCC SSL
Support Team CHamps

The support team is tops they helped eliminate all ssl related problems and give us green bars on all of our web sites

by Milo Povich on EV UCC SSL
Support Team Came Through

It's New Years Eve and our EV cert arrived! I had to call them to check up on it but heck it's the day before 2016 and someone answered the phone so they deserve props.

by T Powers on EV UCC SSL
Green Bar on 3 sites

the only way to get ev green bar on our websites was to buy 3 ev ssls or just this ev ucc ssl so we went with the simpler choice and saved money

by Erica Do on EV UCC SSL
Looks very professional

THe support guys are gret but it took a day to get our certificat

by Adam Schuler on EV UCC SSL
Quick and Easy SSL

They did the validation in just a couple of hours and now we have ev ssl on all our sites. If your doing ecommerce, you MUST have ev.

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